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“We come from the earth and to the earth we must return”


As a human, there is a tendency to consider oneself separate from nature. A different force completely, with the divine right to use and consume all that which nature provides. We forget our place in the earths ecosystem as well envelop ourselves in manufactured surroundings to shield us from the harsh and savage realities, as well as the beautiful tranquility of the natural environment. However we are not completely lost, many of us want to restore that connection our species once had with the flora and fauna of the Earth. So we go about our days trying to help in some small ways. We recycle – despite its inefficiency we feel better about ourselves. We bike to work – amidst swarms of vehicles pouring out exhaust. We make these personal and surface level changes that momentarily pacify our guilt but are still dogged by the looming and crushing presence of industry and global pollution.

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